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Xiem Clay Center was founded in 2003 by Kevin Nguyen and Brian Fees to foster a community of ceramic artists and to further public awareness, understanding and appreciation of ceramic arts. Our dedicated staff and talented instructional team are committed to this vision and strive to provide an inspiring studio environment and quality ceramics education for all skill levels.

  Kevin Xiem Nguyen, Founder
Kevin received his BS in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California. He worked on staff for two leading design consultancies - Hauser Inc., and Designworks/USA, a subsidiary of BMW. In addition to his work in ceramics, Kevin has been recognized with various national awards for product design. His work has been featured in galleries and shows all over the state of California. Kevin left Xiem Clay Center in 2014 to start Xiem Tools USA, based in Garden Grove. He is currently CEO and Designer. His popular tools are sold online and in ceramic supply stores nationally and internationally.
  Junzo Mori, Studio Technician
Junzo received his undergraduate degree from USC. A native of Japan, Junzo is an active potter and participates in shows throughout LA. Junzo joined Xiemâ„¢ in late 2003 as a member and shortly afterwards took on the responsibility of studio technician. With years of firing experience and with the sensitivity and care of an artist, Junzo mixed the studio glazes and ensured that work in Xiem studio was properly fired until his retirement - to focus on his own work, in 2015.
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