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Membership Benefits

  • 24/7 studio access with Premier membership
  • Member discount on classes, workshops and Bi- annual studio sales registration fee
  • A well designed, clean and clutter-free studio space with modern, well-maintained equipment
  • 22 electric Bailey wheels
  • Use of specialized tools, including banding wheels, compressor and spray booth, a Giffin grip, a NorthStar extruder with over 30 dies and a state-of-the-art Bailey slab roller
  • Systematically organized damp room
  • Three electric kilns for bisque firing, three gas kilns for Cone 10 glaze firing in reduction
  • An efficient firing schedule maintained maintained by Michael Sbicca and Lourdes Jimenez, our excellent technicians – (average turnaround time per firing is one week)
  • A range of 34 reliable Cone 10 studio glazes
  • A wide range of clays and tools available for purchase on site in our retail store
  • Sales opportunities for selected members' work in Xiem Gallery's retail section and through participation in Studio Sales
  • Sales opportunities through participation in Studio Sales
  • A serene and inspiring communal working environment
  • Member’s kitchenette, patio and bathroom
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