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Los Angeles TimesMagazine Voted Best Pottery Studio for Amateurs
August 2008
Best of LA 2008

Students at Xiem Clay Center can live out their Jonathan Adler dreams with six-week courses in sculpture, pottery, and tile making. Each series of classes (registration fees starts at $240) includes 25 pounds of clay and 12 hours of instructions. Students have access to the center’s studio, which opens on a patio that looks like a Zen garden by way of the Southwest. Those who sign up for premier memberships can use the studio round the clock and have their ceramic work consider for display in the center’s 1,000-square-foot gallery.

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Pasadena Now Art From Earth
by Seth Amition - October 8, 2007
Xiem™ Clay Center in its well-equipped, modern and spotlessly clean studio offers up classes for learning, a studio for creating, a gallery for experiencing.

It takes three days to fire up a kiln. The first day, the kiln operator cleans out the kiln and places the pre-heated clay pieces in it, filling up the space inside the kiln as best as he or she can, the second day, the kiln is fired up, the clay pieces cook and gain structural integrity and the third day, they are left to cool.

Ceramics Monthly Kevin Nguyen Designs a Career in Ceramics
by Judy Seckler - May 2007
The Ceramic Realm of Kevin Nguyen

The Xiem (pronounced “sim”) Clay Center is setback from the street, which makes its discovery all the more appealing for first-time visitors. Every inch of the 4500-square-foot space on Lake Street in Pasadena, California, with its 24 wheels and four state-of-the-art kilns, is spotless. The modern glass and stucco structure, with its angular architectural details, welcomes artists to dive in.

Fullerton Observer Across the Pacific:
Contemporary Asian Ceramic Art

by Matthew Leslie - April, 2007
The public is invited to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of contemporary ceramics by Asian artists, at a reception scheduled for Sunday, April 15, noon to 4pm. Several participating artists are expected to attend.

“Across the Pacific” surveys current trends from Korea, Japan, China, and Vietnam through recent work by respected artist including the work of Kevin Nguyen, Bruce Kim Hon Sun Choi, Jenchi Wu, Ken Takahashi, Kyung-sook Suh, Li Kung, Mitsuko Kamiya, Nobuhito Nishigawara, Sam Chung, Sewon Minn, Tadao Kamiya, and Young-Bae Kwon.

Pasadena Art Council Folio Six Degrees of Connection
May/June 2006
2006 Gold Crown Honorees

One would be hard-pressed to find a community in which there is a richer and more diverse arts environment than Pasadena. To Celebrate those whose work has enhanced enhanced our cultural life-whose leadership has inspired a deeper commitment by others, whose artistry has delighted us and whose dedication to young people nurtures our future-the Pasadena Arts Council is proud to announce the Gold Crown Honorees for 2006. These five individuals and one organization represent the best of what we do and who we are, and their contributions are what make this a city where the arts inform us and sustain us. Please join us Sunday, June 4th, as we honor their achievements.

Arroyo Monthly A Healthy Dose of Hope
July, 2006
Gold Crown Honorees

Over 200 art supporters gathered to sample tapas and sangria and to celebrate the Pasadena Arts Council’s Gold Crown Honorees Sunday, June 4, at the South Pasadena Home of Wendy Munger and Lenny Gumport. Honored for their achievements in artistry and leadership were Mayor Bill Bogaard, musician Billy Mitchell, ceramic artist Kevin Xiem Nguyen…

Pasadena Star News A Tale of Two Cultures
by Priscilla Fleming - August 6, 2004
Kevin Xiem Nguyen's ceramic art represents harrowing escape from Vietnam to the U.S.

Ceramist Kevin Xiem Nguyen’s latest body of work, “Ceramic Journey,” is a reflection, in part, of his journey as a teenager from Vietnam to Southern California. It also is a testament to his love of art, of ceramics, of good design.

Los Angeles TimesMagazine The Shape of Things to Come
by Susan Heeger - November 30, 2003
In Pasadena, the Wheels are Turning.

Kevin Xiem Nguyen looks like the art student he once was, complete with clay-smeared shirt and glaze chip under his nails. But instead of throwing pots in some dim garage, he runs the Xiem Clay Center, a modern, light-washed space that opened last month in Pasadena. When he’s not shaping his own graceful vessels out of porcelain or black mountain clay, he oversees the classes, workshops, shows and other activities offered by the center, which has 24 new wheels and three state-of-the-art kilns.
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