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Current Exhibition

Current Xiem Gallery Exhibition

EXHIBITION: perceptions: narratives and dispositions
Lourdes Jimenez Pulido

DATES: July 26th – September 6th, 2019
GALLERY RECEPTION: Friday, July 26th, from 6pm – 8pm
WHERE: Xiem Gallery

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perceptions: narratives + dispositions

It is fascinating to observe the thousands of interactions that occur throughout the landscape of daily society. furthermore, i find it appealing to move around the city and rippling communities of the greater Los Angeles area and see how people interact all around me. i am interested in the dialogue and interactions that these experiences and encounters begin to weave together for each of us. it is from these small moments in life that we begin to see individual experiences develop and form the fabric of our lives.

with thiwith this in mind, i present to you perceptions: narratives + dispositions. the intention for this show was to invite an eclectic and extensive group of individuals from different backgrounds and experiences to create unique objects/environments that provoke thought and emotion. although all of us work using a variety of processes + materials and for the purpose of representing different ideas and concepts, we have created a collective space full of color, personal aesthetics and intention for the purpose of your experience and interaction.

i am interested in why and how individuals make their work, how it reflects who they are and what they feel is important for the public to learn or be aware of. the inspiration to all work presented comes from a variety of personal experiences giving authenticity and consciousness to personal struggles, mental health, political inclinations and stances, with ideas of breaking societal norms, or reinventing cultural traditions.

in our current political national state, we may get easily influenced by thoughts and habits that set us back instead of thrusting us forward. i do not mean to exclusively introduce politics into my practice or this dialogue but political aspects exist in all facets of a person and a society. an open mind to a diversity of experiences reflected in creative objects and installations can be vital to the enrichment of daily life.
we tend to forget who we are individually, where we live, what we have, and what our purpose is when we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of societal norms and expectations from all media outlets. for me, the goal to life is finding an existence of substance and not fearing or feeling threatened by cultures, people or mentalities different than my own, understanding through communication.

we hope you are able to take some time and engage with each distinct piece.

thank you for your visit.

Lourdes Jimenez Pulido

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