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Membership Levels and Pricing

Premier Membership
$190 per month. Members have unrestricted access to our studio seven days a week, 24 hours a day, plus a locker and 4,500* cubic inches of bisque and glaze firings. The number of available premier memberships is limited.
  • Monthly: $190
  • Quarterly: $510
  • Annually: $1,935

Regular Membership
$155 per month. Members may access the studio during normal business hours only, and 4,500* cubic inches of firing wares (bisque and glaze firings) per month.
  • Monthly: $155
  • Quarterly: $415
  • Annually: $1,580

Firing Membership
$125 per month. Firing members may access the facility during normal business hours to submit or glaze their works. This membership allows you to fire up to 4,500* cubic inches of firing wares (bisque and glaze firings), full access to all of our studio glazes and discounts on selected workshops and classes. Absolutely NO ACCESS to potter's wheels or any other equipment.
  • Monthly: $125
  • Quarterly: $340
  • Annually: $1,275
* Firing inches are non-transferable; however, they do roll over and carry forward indefinitely as long as membership is maintained.

Please call 626-794-5833 or e-mail us for further information.

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